Tutoring support centre


Harvest Education Tutoring Centre is a professional, contemporary tutoring department under Harvest Education Technical College. The tutoring centre provides extra learning support for students and aims to facilitate students’ learning adaptability and academic progress in their current qualifications. We provide high-quality tutoring services and guarantee academic improvements in all our students in less than one month. We realise that students are at different levels and in various stages of learning. That is why HETC offers different programs to suit individual students.

Our teaching strategy, called 3-in-1 program, includes:
1. One-on-one tutoring sessions
Students can choose to undertake one-on-one tutoring sessions with well-trained, highly-regarded tutors. At HETC we recognise that all students learn differently. Therefore it is essential for trainers to use appropriate, specific and effective teaching strategies tailored to student needs. During these sessions, tutors will identify and analyse students’ learning styles and teach accordingly. In these sessions, tutors will also design, assign and help students with their homework and monitor their studying strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the month, a report will inform students of their academic improvements and propose a plan for the next period’s tuition topics.


3. Software and online
Through advanced electronic software, multimedia technologies and students, are able to access online texts, teaching videos and undertake up-to-date self-assessed quizzes and exercises anytime and anywhere they wish. Teachers and tutors will have access to student management systems which monitor student progress online. Students are able to chat with tutors online and receive comments from tutors for all assessments. Depending on the subject/course, these technologies will enhance students’ self-learning abilities and their research skills. Normally, HETC recommends students to participate in all of the above-mentioned programs because a combination of such programs speeds up, broadens and upgrades students’ minds, knowledge, skills and capabilities.