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Positively amazing! 

We love hearing positive feedback from our students, but one comment we received last week might just take the cake! One of our current students claimed that his trainers at HETC changed his life. After unsuccessfully completing four different qualifications from other institutions, his influential trainers Yogi and Ashima have changed his mindset and encouraged him to continue learning and to finish his qualification at HETC!

This success story is just one of many, as our trainers at HETC strive to ensure that every student successfully completes their qualification and leaves HETC feeling confident and ready to take on the challenges they will face in the real world.


Case in point… 

Angela Ashcroft, a trainer of Community Services and Youth Work at HETC, is another glowing example of how our educators go the extra mile for our students. Angela believes that students can’t have educational growth without personal growth because they go hand-in-hand, and this teaching philosophy has allowed her to impact the lives of her students, day after day.

One of Angela’s students came to her and was uneasy about studying because she couldn’t put together a 100-word paragraph. Angela worked very closely with her struggling student, and after many one-on-one sessions over the course of several units, Angela’s student felt confident writing a 2000-word essay. Later, Angela claimed it was the confident smile of her once-struggling student that made her feel privileged to be a trainer and to be a small part of her students’ journeys.


The love flows both ways! 

Just as our trainers are grateful to be part of their students’ journeys, our students are thankful for the personal attention and help that their trainers provide. Amanda Grace, a Beauty Therapy student at HETC, claims that the level of care that HETC offers its students is what sets it apart from other educational institutions. Amanda loves that our trainers don’t just care whether their students pass or fail, but rather go the extra mile to ensure that their students produce quality work and successfully complete their qualification.

It’s these sort of comments that keep us working hard to deliver quality education to our students every single day. We’re very proud of our trainers at HETC, and we look forward to showing each new student the love, care and attention they deserve!


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