HETC- Our Vision

Knowledge is power, it is a tool that can speak, make a difference, drive a message and most importantly help others in the community. HETC recognises the power of knowledge and provides the tools through diplomas, certificates and short courses to advance knowledge and expertise. HETC encourages others to use their knowledge in a positive and significant way.  HETC feels that people can do more than just pass knowledge on to the next generation but influence the wider community and help others.   HETC believes the purpose of knowledge is about –

“Empowering people to become persons of influence.”

HETC adopts this philosophy with every decision it makes. Once you become a part of HETC as either a student or work colleague you will notice how this statement is filtered throughout all the courses,  processes, systems and values that make up the company.  The term ‘harvest’ in HETC – Harvest Education Technical College means ‘gather’, gathering people together. With this notion in mind, people join together within the company to help others show their strengths and true capacity. Empowering people is a way of giving back, allowing others to recognise their potential is a rewarding act. HETC hopes that by instilling these beliefs within the community it becomes a catalyst for change.

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