HETC – Our Mission

Successful companies by default have 5 -10 year mission statements that give a clear goal to work towards. However, the HETC mission is far beyond a company goal. The mission follows the culture of the company that wants to help and influence others. As part of a bigger movement, the companies mission is –

“To provide freely accessible education to 1 billion people by 2030.”

HETC believes everyone is entitled to learn, grow and gain knowledge regardless of who they are and where they have come from. The mission at HETC is to help provide freely accessible education that is available to all and build awareness of the advantages that education can bring to people’s lives. The distribution of education to people throughout the world is skewed and currently more available to some than others. HETC believes it is everyone’s entitlement to have access to education.

HETC understands that education is a tool for change within the community.  By allowing everyone to access knowledge and be better skilled, people are able to adapt to their ever-changing ways of life.  HETC would like to give to others access to a better way of life. HETC is continuously reassessing current methods of education and developing new strategies to better provide for their students. HETC will continue to strive to provide freely accessible education by the year 2030 regardless of hurdles it faces.


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