Nina Chen – CEO of HETC

Reading a companies background gives you an idea of the people behind its growth. After reading the journey of how HETC started you will soon be swept up in a positive movement that aims to help others. Most companies thrive on the drive to make money but the beauty surrounding HETC is the drive to help others and give others the opportunity to influence the people around them. The following blog article is more than just how a company started, it is a journey of how one woman at a very young age achieved success and the unstoppable passion for influencing others around her.

The foundations of this organisation began when the CEO helped university students with specific educational requirements. International students struggling with language barriers, English literature skills and numeracy standards from Brisbane universities, in particular, Griffith University, were referred to Nina Chen’s tutoring services called HETC.

Nina’s objective was to personally help each and everyone of those students pass their university assessments. With her natural characteristics to give and care for others in need, she created education methods and programs that assisted these international students with their learning difficulties. In addition, she helped them realise their learning potential and gave them the courage to then teach and help others in group class environments. This ongoing learning effect was the essence that started a new vision.

Empowering people to become persons of influence,” became a driving reason to create and build a high-quality education institution. In 2004 HETC Harvest Education Technical College was created.

With a global outlook and a ‘just go out and do it’ driving passion a new style of learning was combined with new course material to develop educational products that reached far beyond the average national requirements. However, Nina, like most entrepreneurs started out with the bare essentials like a computer, telephone and a pot plant in a small office. She developed new ideas quickly sometimes writing new courses overnight based on the demands of the market. Nina sourced industry professionals to work closely by her side and together they analysed the job requirements for specific fields building upon basic prerequisites needed to gain entry-level employment and developing criteria that were new, innovative and leading edge.  A college soon grew filled with students attracted to these courses that would give them a competitive edge in their field and a perspective that gave them the ability to influence others.

People helping people was the culture that grew and eventually transformed into an assembly of passionate influencers. With the following core values; humility at all times, engage without fear, tenacity and resilience, change we embrace and selflessness, a fearless establishment grew that backed a leader’s movement encouraging an on flow effect.

New milestones were reached and in 2008 HETC became an international RTO offering English and business courses. In 2010 HETC grew into two campuses with over 400 students one in Brisbane’s CBD and another in Mt Gravatt, Brisbane.

The campuses were fitted with state of the art study areas and facilities for students to be able to engage with teachers. A large lecture hall was constructed at the Mt Gravatt campus for large seminars, webinars and group classes to be held. Incorporating the latest in technology, online teaching environments were created to enable e- learning on a national scale.

Today there are over 3000 students globally at HETC completing both accredited diplomas, certificates and short courses. HETC has continued to invest in its strong relationship with Griffith University. Students at HETC upon enrolment are accepted into numerous courses automatically at Griffith University based on the completion of their qualifications. The courses at HETC are nationally recognised and account for credit with other higher education institutions as well.

HETC is a unique organisation with not just average growth but exponential national and international growth. The company continues to diversify in its course range encouraging all walks of life to study their passion and influence others through doing what they love. We invite you to be a part of this success story and join us to help make a difference and encourage others to be the best they can be in life.

To hear more about the journey of how HETC started and Nina Chen’s entrepreneurial spirit, listen to the Arete podcast with Richard Triggs.

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