Online Study Strategies: How to Tackle Online Study

Pro: Online study gives me the flexibility to study where and when I want.

Con: I can’t find the motivation to study, help!

Solution: Follow these five online study strategies to get the most out of your studies.

Online Study Strategies: Create a Routine

The first thing you need to decide before creating a routine is whether you are a morning person or a night owl. You probably already know either way; because your energy will peak either early morning or late at night. Once you have your answer, you can start to set up a study routine with confidence.

It’s also important to factor in other current routines. Dropping off and picking children up from school, finding time for regular exercise and social activities. We all have routines that we shouldn’t be expected to forfeit. As much as you want to get the most out of your education, it shouldn’t come at the cost of other factors in your life. HETC understands that life is busy, that’s why we offer online study. We believe that everyone should have access to knowledge and become a person of influence, no matter their restraints.

Online Study Strategies: Trust the Course Material

A mountain of course material can be daunting; the insurmountable peak seemingly out of reach. But never fear, you must take trust in the material given to you by the trainer. In fact, it’s the trainers who will tutor and support you, who are the ones who have created the vast majority of the resources used in your course. You will have the highest-quality units that are relevant to today’s and tomorrow’s industries.

The course material was built with the student, you, in mind. Meaning it won’t waste your time, it will help to make you career ready, and you can rest assured you can get the best outcome.

Online Study Strategies: Taking Breaks

It may come as a shock to some, but yes, you can take breaks. In fact, it’s encouraged!

No one expects someone to sit down and work on a task for hours on end without at least implementing in break times. The balancing act you must master though is the perfect study to break ratio. If you find yourself finishing a Netflix season in a day, perhaps you are taking too many liberties with your breaks.

A great rule of thumb is taking a 5-10minute break every hour of study. You may even find yourself extending your study time if you find a subject particularly engaging or challenging. It’s all about extending yourself but not to the point of breaking!

Online Study Strategies: Create Your “Me Space”

As humans, we all have our own unique sense of style. This is most apparent when setting up a study space.

online study stratgeiesAs we all learn differently, at different paces and in different environments, it’s essential to create your ideal study ecosystem. Like, did you know there is a stark contrast between those with a neat desk and those with a messy desk (and yes, I mean beyond appearances)? Those with a clean desk tend to be more task-oriented and those with a messy desk, creative. Of course, this is not a blanket statement, but it sure does help when studying to have a desk as messy or clean as one wants it to be and not obsessing over making it the other way around.

Key must-haves for study desks are; a notepad, pen, highlighter, water bottle, plenty of leg room, a comfortable chair, a spot away from noise or blinding sunlight and an efficient keyboard. A motivational poster is optional.

Whatever your study space looks like, make sure it’s a “MeSpace” or even a “MySpace”. Once you have created an area that perfect for you, you’re most likely to want to venture in there and in turn study!

Online Study Strategies: Connecting and Finding Support

It’s 10 pm on a Tuesday night, you have been staring at the same question for 15mins and counting with no end in sight, and you’re about to give up. Feeling isolated is all too common when studying online. Thoughts of, “I don’t know what I’m doing,” or “I can’t do this,” can come creeping in.

Several solutions can help; visiting friends, going outside and visiting a popular location, calling on family members or connecting with your college.

HETC recognises the need for those study online to want to be connected as possible. So, HETC Connect was created; our fully integrated program, created to ensure each and every student is provided with the support they need and to connect them with the College and their fellow students.

  • Student Concierge: HETC provides concierge service to answer all your questions to support you.
  • Academic Support: You are assigned to a trainer, success coach and mentor for the length of your study journey.
  • Emotional Support: HETC provides emotional support through well-being programmes.

You can also get connected via our Facebook and Instagram. HETC also has dedicated Facebook Groups for our Diplomas in Community Services, Youth Work and Digital and Interactive Games.

At HETC, you’ll never study alone!

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