Helping others. It’s easier than you might think!

With all of the devastation affecting our world right now, helping others in need may seem like an overwhelming task. It seems as though every time we flick on the news, another hurricane has hit North America or there are famines seeping across Yemen and other third world countries. It’s only natural to feel helpless when you live on the other side of the world and cannot directly contribute to the humanitarian efforts taking place in these disadvantaged countries. There are several things you can do from right here in Australia however, that can help others in need on the other side of the globe. We’ve compiled a list of five simple ways you can help others in need, so that you can start making a difference today!

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5 easy ways you can start helping others today

1. Help others by donating and supporting disaster relief

The easiest way you can help others in a time of crisis is to make a monetary donation to support international disaster relief. Cash enables the local Red Cross organisation in the affected country to identify and address the most immediate needs – such as providing food and water or repairing damaged homes [1]. Donations made to the Red Cross helps to reduce the time and cost delivery to affected populations and it also aids in stimulating the local economy, which is often undermined by disaster.


2. Make a donation to help other people get vaccinated

Another way you can help others is by donating money to different vaccine initiatives. For example, the Measles Initiative has vaccinated more than 1 billion children worldwide, contributing to a 78 percent decline in measles deaths in its first eight years [1], and its success has been attributed to cash donations.


3. Volunteer by helping others restore their family links.

If you don’t feel as though giving a monetary donation is sufficient enough and if you want to donate your time instead of your money, then volunteering is probably for you! One of the convenient aspects of this form of help is that you can volunteer your time without ever leaving Australia! Your local Red Cross has a volunteer program where you can help people living overseas who have been displaced by war or disaster reconnect with family members living in your community [1].


4. Help others by volunteering as an international disaster responder.

If this type of volunteering still isn’t hands-on enough for you, you can always sign up to get your name on the Red Cross international disaster response roster, where you may have the opportunity to be deployed worldwide in a variety of capacities alongside different disaster relief organisations. The Red Cross is looking for volunteers with exceptional technical skills, so if you think you have what it takes, read more about becoming an international disaster responder.


5. Help others through education

The more educated you are regarding current events and the ways in which you can provide help through community service, the greater chance you have at successfully helping others in need. There are several ways you can remain informed! Firstly, you can watch news programs or read news articles online daily in order to receive the most accurate, up-to-date information regarding current events from around the globe. Secondly, you can take classes or even an entire diploma in the community services sector to not only increase your awareness of the different issues and crises affecting our world today, but also to gain the qualification needed to acquire employment in the community services sector and to help others on a daily basis. Gaining education in the area of community services is crucial to truly understand the issues facing the environment and humankind today, and will provide you with realistic and effective ways to make a true and meaningful impact on the world. Once you have gained the knowledge and skills you need to help others, you can then educate and spread the word of peace to those around you!


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