Goal Setting: How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

goal setting

Did you know people who set goals are more successful. It’s true, and it all starts with the simple act of writing down the goals you want to achieve. Once you are clear on your aims and motivations for your goals, you are more likely to commit and set yourself on the right path to fulfil them. Goal setting can be a great way to kick off a New Year.

Goal setting can push your life on a whole new course, and that’s exciting. Whether your goal is related to your career, your family, increasing wealth or your health, they will all result in new experiences. How then do people decide which goals to pursue?

Make It Happen in 2018!

Goal Setting: Creation

Goals are created when we consider what we want out of our life. They help us to focus our lives and organise our time and resources so that we can make the very most of our lives. Goals can come from ideas. The idea to change your career or to seek out study options so you can work in a field you’re passionate.

Goals can also be breed from the environment around us. Perhaps you ask yourselves how I can make a difference to the lives of local youths in my area. You might find yourself wanting to get back into the workforce after an extended break or after your children have started at school.

The environment can also help us see if these ideas can become goals and if those goals can become a reality. The support of family and/or friends who can assist us start something new or even the act of setting up a study corner in your house can be an excellent positive step forward. Check out courses to begin kicking your 2018 goals.

Goal Setting: Where to Begin

goal setting in the beginningSetting a generic goal is easy, however, in many cases, the initial goals we set out to achieve are abandoned somewhere along the way.

A great example is when a friend joins a gym.

From this action, you get the idea that you too will join a gym. After idea creation, you set up the goal(s). Your goal could be to get fitter than you currently are or to lose a little weight or perhaps you just wish to hang out with your friend more often.

Whatever the goal, setting it is the easy part; achieving it is hard. Many tasks separate you from your goals. Driving to the gym, finding the motivation, remembering your joggers- this is the sticky middle. It is the place we humans get stuck. Somewhere in this process, we lose hope, enthusiasm or energy.

Therefore, it’s important to know how to set up a goal correctly. There are three essential elements you must have in each goal you place on your list.

Goals must be specific, measurable and achievable. 

1. Specific

Goals have a much higher chance of being accomplished if they are associated with particular facts and times. If they are too vague, they can easily be misunderstood or forgotten. Specific goals provide regimen and precision to your training program. Evaluating and reflecting on what we want to achieve helps us align ourselves with a purpose.

2. Measurable

In order to set a goal effectively, break it down into measurable elements. Try to identify how you might feel at the completion of your goal. Look ahead to what you will say or do. If you can see the result, you are more likely to stay on track towards achieving it.

3. Achievable

While there is nothing wrong with shooting for the stars, it’s important to remember you must fit your goal setting into your lifestyle. You may realise that your most significant barrier to completing your goals is time management. In this case, you would seek out a flexible option that fits you and your lifestyle while still working towards achieving your goals. Planning your steps wisely and knowing what could potentially get in your way beforehand is a proactive approach to goal setting.

Goal Setting: Start Now!

At HETC, our goal is to empower people to become persons of influence. We strive to achieve this through providing education, trusting our students to go out and achieve their goals.

We understand you live a busy life and commitments can get in the way of any potential study. It’s one of the reasons we offer flexible online study options for a number of our Diplomas.

achieving your goals

We can assist you to turn your dreams and goals into career achievements – our students have proven themselves time and time again. HETC plants a deep desire for excellence from day one of study which you will carry with you in the way you approach your studies and overall lifestyle. So it’s time now for you to write yourself a goal list and see how many you can tick off!


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