Make a Difference: Where to Start

Are you the type of person who continually seeks out opportunities to make a difference? Each new day is a chance to roll up your sleeves and begin helping others. Wish you could turn this passion into a career?

You can make a difference every day by studying for a role in the Community Services with our Diploma of Community Services (CHC52015).

Make a Difference

Despite what everyone thinks, the loudest voice in the room is the one who speaks with conviction, not volume. If you feel your voice is lost in your current role, perhaps it’s time to change to a career where your voice is heard. A career where your words make a difference to an individual, groups and communities and you can finally speak with confidence and passion.

A qualification in Community Services establishes the foundations needed to make a difference. Completing this diploma leads to careers such as community services worker, case managers, social and welfare professionals and the list goes on. The flexibility of this diploma is unlike others. Instead of being restricted, community service workers, for example, can apply themselves to several different areas before finding one they are truly passionate about. It’s important to remember that no matter the position you see yourself doing in this industry, you know you will be making a difference every day.

In 2016, at the completion of their study, 89.3% of students found employment [1]. This diploma represents a real opportunity to seek out your ideal role in the community. Once in the workforce, you’ll discover your voice is heard once more. Working with others who share the same passion as you, can be just as rewarding as the career itself.

community services help makes a difference

How Can I Make a Difference?

People-centric careers are unlike any others. You will face individuals and groups with new challenges and help to overcome them; your studies will assist you to achieve this outcome. The values you impart will change lives; how many careers can you say have this effect daily?
It’s not uncommon for those in Community Services roles to have come from their own background of hardship. Having witnessed and/or been actively part of a system they wish to change. It’s true that these roles require a certain amount of emotional, mental and psychical strength but waiting on the other side is the wonderful feeling you’ll experience knowing you are changing lives every day.

Perhaps in the past, you have assisted an elderly neighbour in bringing in his groceries or cooked dinner for a friend in need who merely didn’t have the time to cook themselves. You would have experienced this wonderful feeling. A role in Community Services means assisting those in need on a larger scale than you could have ever imagined. Even when helping one person in need, you are in turn helping others. Consider the flow on effect of your good work.

Saying thank you to community services

Imagine one day in your career you find yourself providing support to a single mother; assisting her to get back on her feet. On this day, you have not only helped her to build a new future but her children too. You have also relieved the stress and emotions of her close family and friends who tried to assist her before you. If you think of the knock-on effect of your work, suddenly you can see how you can make a difference in the lives of not only the mother but the dozens around her.

Where Can I Make a Difference?

You’re in luck! Those in Community Services are needed across the country from urban areas to rural; wherever people are found. Extending your opportunities to move across the country with the knowledge that your expertise are needed.

The Government funds many remote Indigenous Community Services. The perfect opportunity to work with and among the Indigenous people of Australia. Truly a rewarding experience; you will not only pass on your knowledge but learn directly from the people you help.
Recently announced is a $3 million plan to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders living with disabilities particularly in remote areas [2]. This project aims to achieve improved outcomes and overall social, emotional, cultural, and economic well-being.

Additionally Australia’s ageing population accelerates growth in the Community Services sector. Resulting in a growing demand for aged care workers. Representing real jobs, with real people who need assistance.

Ok, I’m Ready to Make a Difference!

Ensure your voice is heard and be part of a career that makes a difference every day. Begin your journey by studying our Diploma of Community Services.


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