Distance education offers flexibility in learning. There are no restrictions as to when, where or how you should complete the course. You can learn at your own pace and complete your course at our college, from home, or at work. Learning materials and communication with trainers are available over the internet, phone, or mailing system. In addition, our college provides supportive, professional and caring trainers and tutors to assist you if you need further help with learning materials and course concepts.

Benefits of distance education

Save time

Online learning saves time. For a start there is no travelling to and from the college to attend classes. You can use online texts, library, exercises, quizzes, teaching videos and discussion forums to learn course-related topics.

More individual attention can be given to you because trainers and tutors have more time to communicate with you one-on-one. They can also design and customise learning materials to meet individual needs, and monitor, assess and provide feedback on your coursework.

Minimal impact to lifestyle or work

Distance learning will not disturb your current lifestyle or work commitments. Most employers want their employees to extend and upgrade their knowledge and skills. There is minimal impact on your current work commitments.

Study anywhere

Distance education offers you learning opportunities and options no matter where you live. You can study in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else you choose. You can interact with other students, trainers and other teaching staff at anytime during normal working hours.

Online learning gives you greater freedom of discussion where you can freely and actively discuss sensitive, political or controversial issues.

Forms of learning

1. Online learning

Study and learning materials are easily accessible online. Materials such as textbooks, exercises and notes can be downloaded within minutes. If downloading problems exist, the college can also email course-related materials to students within 48 hours. Note: internet connection is needed and a broadband connection is recommended. For example, if students want to download Microsoft Word documents and pdf files, normal internet connection speed will be sufficient. However, if students wish to download teaching audio or video files to support their learning process, then broadband connection is necessary.

2. CD through mailing service

If students are unable to access internet connections, HETC can send study texts and other course-related materials and tools to the student’s nominated postal address. All materials will come in the form of a CD or DVD depending on the size of the materials. Note: in this case a CD/DVD-ROM, sound card, and media player software are needed.

3. Print workbook/notes

For students who do not have access to computers and internet connections, HETC offers the posting of printed textbooks, study notes, exercises, assessment materials and any other course-related materials and tools to the student’s nominated postal address. These materials allow students to gain in-depth understanding of course-related topics and for students to practice theories taught through relevant exercises such as direct questioning, essay writing, analytical writing, simulated workplace scenarios and case study analyses.

4. Audio learning

Some units come in audio files. Please contact us for further information.

Technical requirements

Browsers: Internet Explorer 6 or later; Google Chrome; Mozilla Firefox Operating Systems: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Plug-in: Flash