A behind the scenes look at digital and interactive games at HETC

A behind the scenes look at digital and interactive games at HETC

There is a lot of speculation about the concept of studying digital and interactive games. It is not a mainstream course that is offered in many educational institutions. We can often guess what content may be involved in a business course or community service course, however guessing the content of a digital and interactive games course is far beyond the understanding of most.

The development of the course content at HETC for ICT50215 Diploma of Digital and Interactive Games is continually altering due to the rapid changing nature of this industry. When you look at the future of the gaming industry it lends heavily towards mobile gaming, with companies such as Nintendo and Konami putting large focus on development in this area based on consumer demands.

People want to be able to play games anytime and anywhere. From consoles and tablets to smart phones the platforms for playing games on are endless. Once consumers have accomplished the trials and tests of each game they look for new game challenges. This ongoing request from consumers is driving these companies to consider new game creations fast.

So what does that mean for those studying this field?  At HETC we have tailored a course based on these exact demands in the industry. There is a major emphasis on developing mobile games, however like some other courses that just make one game throughout the 12-month period of study, students at HETC work towards creating multiple games throughout the year. The course places emphasis on students developing their design skills allowing them to cleverly recreate their game ideas. This approach fast-tracks student’s abilities and helps them reach their goals about producing their own games faster.

This team not only teaches the techniques for creating games but demonstrates the importance of planning, analyzing and giving vision to the end picture in mind. These practical applications are included in the course criteria because they are the real requirements for working in the industry.

The course will support students wanting to develop the core components required to start building a career in the game development world and also for hobbyists who wish to study something they have always had a passion for.


More information: courseinfo@hetc.edu.au

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