Prior to Application
As part of the application, all prospective applicants are required to read and agree to HETC’s current policies which can be found on the ‘Polices and Procedures’ page. Prospective students are also required to read and agree to the terms and conditions on their application form, the student handbook and the course details on our website.

Prospective applicants will be asked a series of questions to:

  • Determine if prior education and or experience can attribute to any recognition of prior learning or credit transfer if requested by the student.
  • Determine if the applicant has any special study requirements that need to be assessed.
  • Determine if the student meets the entry requirements required for the course.
  • Determine if an international student is a genuine temporary entrant and genuine student.

All course information will be provided to the prospective applicant to:

  • Ensure that sufficient information has been provided for the prospective applicant to make an informed decisions.


Once HETC is satisfied that all application information has been received, an assessment will take place. HETC will assess all applications based on our Equal Opportunity and Fair Treatment Policy, which can be found on our website under the ‘Policies and Procedures’ page.

Applicants will be granted entry into a HETC course if they meet all of the course entry requirements and pre-requisites, as specified on the courses pages on our website, the Student Handbook and HETC believes that the applicant is suited academically to enrol into the course.

Students under the age of 18, will be required to have their application signed by their parent or legal guardian. International students will also be required to fill in the under 18 Homestay and Guardianship Arrangements form.

Applications can be made as follows:
International Students:
Applications are submitted by completing the following form:– International Student Application Form
– Email to:

Domestic Students^:
Applications are submitted by completing the following form: – Domestic Student Application Form
– Email to:


Entry Requirements and Assessment

Entry requirements may vary according to qualifications. To confirm if you meet the entry requirements for a particular course, please refer to the course information on our website for any entry requirements and practical placement requirements. Please note, that entry requirements may be different for international and domestic students and may also vary according to government-funded course requirements.
Find out more information about the Certificate 3 Guarantee Program (funded by the QLD Government) and the Higher Level Skills Program.

Students with disabilities or impairments are required to provide a written medical opinion on their suitability for study with their application. HETC may from time to time conduct an additional professio nal conversation with the applicant to determine if the applicant displays suitability. If we are unable to contact you right away, your enrolment time may vary depending on your availability.


Financial Obligations

International Students
Course fees can be found by contacting (for the current and most up-to-date pricing). Please refer to the – Refund Policy and Procedures for International Students, for information in relation to refunds for international students.
Domestic Fee For ServiceStudents 
Fee For Service Domestic Course fees can be found by contacting (for the current and most up-to-date pricing). Please refer to the – Fee for Service Students Refund Policy, for information in relation to refunds for fee for service students.
Payment Method For International and Domestic Fee For Service students
Payments should be made in Australian dollars to HETC by bank draft or cheque, money order, direct deposit or telegraphic transfer. Note: personal cheques are not accepted. Please pay direct credit into the following account:BSB No : 064162
Account No : 10719039
Account Name : Harvest Education Technical College
Other Obligations
HETC is responsible for providing quality training and assessment and for the issuance of the Australian Qualification Framework certification documentation in compliance with the regulatory standards. Student’s rights and obligations are outlined in the application terms and conditions, within HETC’s Policies and Procedures and Student Handbook available on our website ( The above information does not reduce a student’s rights under the Australian Consumer Law 2011.HETC relies heavily on electronic mail (email) to communicate with students. Students should ensure that they have provided HETC with their valid current email address and check it on a regular basis. Additionally, a student should be aware of the settings of their email account (for instance, Hotmail accounts sometimes send emails to the ‘junk mail’ folder if the sender is unrecognised). Students should also ensure that accurate personal information is provided to HETC. Any changes to your contact information should be communicated to HETC as soon as practicable.All information HETC collects for the purposes of, or in relation to, applications by students will be kept in accordance with HETC’s ‘Privacy and Security Policy’ which can be found on our website.^ Domestic Students include Fee for Service Domestic students, Certificate 3 Guarantee Domestic students & Higher Level Skills Program Domestic students.