HETC concentrates on your outcomes – outcomes that qualify students for careers and guide their approach to how they face the world and achieve their goals. While HETC creates courses that emanate from the same industry training packages as other colleges, we design and deliver these courses completely differently, making us innovators, not imitators. The trainers who will tutor and support you are the ones who have created the vast majority of the resources used. You will have the highest-quality units that are relevant to today’s and tomorrow’s industries.

While many providers favour the one-way communication model of course delivery, ours follows the 80/20 rule, a model based on solid research and proven results. Eighty percent of all your learning will be practical and hands-on interactions, role plays and discussions. Only 20 percent is theory and one-way communication. And that’s the vital difference.

The HETC Way

Vision brings success

Our vision is “Empowering people to become persons of influence”. By studying at HETC you join the ranks of thousands before you who have embraced that vision and achieved the status of persons of influence. You will be surrounded by like-minded people – ambitious, driven, determined, and focused. You will work in an environment that builds confidence and provides the foundations for a successful career.

Leading from the front

HETC’s rapid growth is due, in part, to our willingness to innovate. We research industry demand and look for new methods of course delivery. We ensure we are at the cutting edge of providing students with a relevant education backed by strong learning resource and personal support. While others are teaching business, we also teach students to adapt and network under any environment and market conditions. That’s real-world learning. While others long ago gave up on stay-at-home mums and dads, we developed courses to suit them and their needs.

Real work opportunities

We give international students real work opportunities, not just those in the lower-paid sectors. For example, the introduction of the HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage (Domestic) opened many doors to higher-paid options including the establishment of new businesses. That’s just another example of HETC’s ability to develop courses that are today ready and recognised by the industry.
Always innovating, always thinking, always influencing.

Mentors just for you

We may have a clear vision and high standards but we are also realists. At some stage, you might need help to get through difficult times. We have dedicated course mentors to assist, guide, comfort, and keep you on track. We speak to all online students at least every two weeks, not because we have to but because we want to. Yes, we really do care.


HETC Connect

HETC Connect is our fully integrated program, created to ensure each and every student is provided with the support they need and to connect them with the College and their fellow students.

Student Concierge

HETC provides concierge service to answer all your questions to support you.

Academic Support

You are assigned with a trainer, success coach and mentor for the length of your study journey at HETC.

Emotional Support

HETC provides emotional support through well-being programmes.

Meet our CEO: Nina Chen

HETC - About Us Nina Chen
Twelve years ago I had a dream to build a high-quality education institution. I started that dream with a computer, an office, and one plant in the corner. Today with the help of my talented team, HETC now has two campuses and more than 3000 domestic and international students. My passion and vision is to empower my team to become persons of influence. We help students turn dreams into reality and aspirations into achieved goals. My team and I have achieved some amazing results simply by implanting a deep-seated desire for excellence in the way students approach their study and lifestyle. Everyone can be ordinary, but we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to be extraordinary in their own way. HETC is dedicated to providing that opportunity to all of our students.

Words from the HETC Team

It is our aim to help students attain their dreams, not through any influence they may have, not by financial status, but by the on-going changes we can make in their educational experiences and daily life. We aim to do more than just train our students for their future careers. We are also dedicated to building up our students’ inner confidence, helping them to embrace education in all its forms and to develop a thirst for knowledge. Today, HETC’s mission is to “Engage all types of learners irrespective of their background, race, ethnicity, level of education, previous experiences, location and age” and we strive daily to empower our students to become persons of influence and to make excellence a habit in all aspects of their own lives.

About HETC

HETC is a registered training organisation offering nationally-recognised qualifications in business, human resource management, leadership and management, digital and interactive games, hospitality, remedial massage, community services, youth work, and much more – more than 20 qualifications across different disciplines.

We offer this wide variety of disciplines because we don’t believe in “one fits all”. We want to help students find the right “fit” so the courses they choose to align with their career goals and dreams. Every day our team empowers students to reach their full potential and meet their dreams. We are passionate about being there for our students for academic achievement and non-academic issues. That’s why students from around the world now study at HETC’s three campuses, one in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD, one in the bustling, multicultural Garden City district and the other on the sunny Gold Coast. These students learn from staff who come from an equally diverse range of countries as themselves.

Real World Exposure

HETC is focused on delivering the best possible vocational employment outcomes for our students. The college hosts regular events that give our student’s industry exposure and offer them the chance to form valuable links with local business and professionals.